Ryan developed an appreciation for the global reach of online video as an early employee of YouTube.  In 2006, he joined YouTube as one of just ten executives overseeing advertising accounts for all of North America. Among his responsibilities, Ryan worked with a host of Fortune 500 companies, like Ford Motors and Procter & Gamble, to demonstrate the potential market reach of YouTube and develop online video marketing strategies. 

After the acquisition by Google, he was given the title of the Global Accounts Representative, serving as the primary YouTube relationship manager for all non-US Google offices and sales teams.  He later assumed the role of Industry Manager at Google Australia, where he advised top brands across entertainment, technology, and consumer sectors on how to engage and leverage their YouTube audiences. 

While at Google, Ryan gained deep experience and knowledge of the monetization of online video marketing.  Intrigued by the power of video creation to change how audiences consume, entertain and emotionally connect, he left Google in 2012 to pursue a deeper involvement with the creative and consulting community.  His passion lies with helping businesses and individuals improve their video education, strategy, and potential.

Ryan has also held positions with AOL and has served as a consultant with Imgur and for a host of Fortune 500 companies on online video strategies.